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They called me the very next day. The thing is useless. Hip2Save Behind the Scenes. You are on your way to sweet savings! My smoothies in the morning are delicious and, although previously, I didn't mind the small bits of kale floating around from my previous blender, the fully blended version is much better. Makeup on May 24, East Dane Designer Men's Fashion.

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How Coupons Saved My Lifeā€¦. Hip2Save Behind the Scenes. Coupon Newbie New to Couponing? Why Hip2Save Was Born. Hip2Save may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post.

Use this blender to make your own shakes, nut butters and smoothies at home for less! Love cold brew coffee? Thank you for subscribing! You are on your way to sweet savings! Join the Discussion 1. June 19, at 3: How Does the Hip List Work? The gets the job done even better than my origanal! If you're looking to perfect the art of green smoothies you can't go wrong with this blender! And if, like me, you had the first all the blades and cups fit this model too!

Ps, here's my favorite recipe made in the small cup: I really love this thing. It's easy to clean, not huge and breaks down food very efficiently. I wasn't getting enough veggies and basically my diet was a disaster.

I've been blasting for a week and my skin tone and energy levels are already better and I have lost a couple pounds. Losing weight is a good thing but my goal is to improve overall health.

I have digestive issues which make it difficult to process veggies in their native state. Customer service is the most frustrating I've ever encountered. I LOVE this product. If it had never broken and I didn't have such a bad experience with customer service, would be leaving 5 stars. So, I will begin by discussing the good aspects of the product. For context, I was previously blending using a regular counter-top Osterizer blender, which is large and left chunks of fruits and vegetables and clumps of powder despite me mixing and shaking between blending and had to be taken apart to be cleaned.

I am mainly blending fruit and vegetable smoothies, and also planned on using the Nutribullet to make baby food when that time comes. The size is perfect.

It takes up barely any space on my counter. I have very limited space, so this was essential to me and definitely an upgrade from the Osterizer. It blends everything and anything I put in it. I may have to hold for up to a minute, but it always comes out just as smooth as I was hoping for. It is SO easy to clean.

I literally just rinse the cup and the blades with water and put on my drying rack. No taking anything apart. I love that it comes with extra supplies, even though all I actually need are the big cup and main mixer and then pour into two glasses.

I love the large cup. It is perfect for making a smoothie that serves both my husband and I. The only con - and honestly, not even really because I liked that it is smaller, is that sometimes I wanted to make a serving smoothie and it is too small for that. But I specifically bought it for its size so I can't even say this is a con.

Just keep in mind that you will only get 8-oz glasses out of this is you fill it to the max line. Now, to the point: One day after about 1 month of use, it stopped working without any falls, breaks, etc. I put it in, pressed and turned as usual, and nothing happened. They told me to call them back after if it wasn't working.

This would have been fine, except the wait time for a representative is about an hour, and that's if you don't get disconnected while waiting.

Over the next 2 weeks or so, my husband and I tried calling about different times, each time waiting at least 30 minutes, and ultimately either getting disconnected while waiting, or leaving a number to be called back and never getting a call back until after I submitted a customer feedback form on their website expressing my frustration and disappointment.

Once I did hear from them the following day , they almost immediately offered to replace the motor. It was shipped the next day and I was emailed a tracking number. So, once dealt with, very easy, but getting to that point was very frustrating and drawn out. We really enjoyed the NutriBullet for the two months it lasted. Then the plastic gear piece that drives the blades the clear piece that's part of the power unit, not the black piece that's on the bottom of the cup exploded into pieces yesterday morning, rendering the entire unit unusable.

When I come to check warranty, I find there is none. The Amazon website says the return period expired after one month- so the two months the unit lasted leave us with no options. I attach a picture of how the piece looked when I lifted up the cup.

I prefer Ninja IQ. I purchased this item in July and reported an issue for warranty and found out my unit was Counterfeit. GTR Group sold the item and NutriBullet says they are known counterfeiters so I can't tell you how well the real ones work. It looks like they aren't selling this item anymore but they are still selling other items so buyer beware. Another buyer said the Customer Service was bad but they may have had a counterfeit item too.

The only sticker on the bottom of the power unit should be the bar code. If the model number is not molded into the bottom plastic vent opposite the barcode and is on a silver sticker you have a counterfeit item. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Includes Today's Best Offers email. From Seattle Coffee Gear. From 1st in Coffee. A quick and easy way to get your fix of fruits and vegetables, the NutriBullet is a food processor like no other.

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