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Due to the numerous health problems that arise from feeding commercial dog food, and also due to the recent unfortunate deaths of many dogs because of tainted food, I feel it is necessary to share how we feed our dogs raw, not only with my puppy owners, but with anyone interested to educate themselves on the subject. There were no chemical fertilizers, no herbicides, no pesticides, and no pasteurization of milk anyplace on Earth, and life expectancy was about 40 years of age or less. I still have issues, of course. Hi Aaron, just saw the post about severe headaches with bowel movements. The winter diet was vastly different. All you need to do is put on your iPod and relax with a dose of love, rich with sassy strategy to get you back into the zone in no time. Hey Susan — thanks for taking the time to comment!

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This may be a dull, cramp-like pain or a sharp, sudden pain. This pain is not usually severe, but it may be accompanied by vaginal spotting or bleeding.

It is often relieved by rest and pain relievers, but if it is accompanied by fever and nausea, infections such as appendicitis must be considered. Small, crystal deposits can form inside the kidneys, especially when urine becomes too concentrated.

Kidney stones can pass through any part of the urinary tract, from the kidney to the bladder. This can be very painful, although the stones do not cause permanent damage. Symptoms include severe pain below the right ribs, including the side and back, which may spread to the lower right abdominal area and groin. The pain may come in waves and fluctuate in severity. Associated symptoms include pain when urinating, pinkish, reddish or brownish urine that may be cloudy and foul-smelling, nausea, vomiting, fever with chills, and frequent urination.

Sometimes pain may be relieved by drinking a lot of water and taking pain relievers. However, if the pain is severe then you may need to consult a doctor for possible removal of the stone. Infection in the bladder or any part of the urinary tract can spread to the kidneys, causing inflammation and pain.

It is characterized by lower abdominal pain, back pain, flank pain, or groin pain. There is a persistent urge to urinate, and this urination may be painful. Pus or blood may be seen in the urine. Fever is often present. Kidney infection can lead to widespread infection or kidney damage if left untreated. Therefore, it is best to seek consultation for antibiotic treatment to prevent complications. The ovary sometimes produces fluid filled sacs on the surface, which may grow large and produce discomfort.

Although they are usually harmless and can resolve on their own, they may become enlarged and get twisted, producing lower abdominal pains. They can produce dull, aching, pelvic pain that is persistent or intermittent, and may radiate to the lower back and thigh. Pelvic pains may be experienced near the beginning or end of a menstrual period. Menstrual periods may be irregular. Lower abdominal pain may also be associated with heaviness or fullness of the abdomen, nausea, vomiting and pressure on the bladder or rectum.

Although most ovarian cysts resolve on their own, you should see a doctor if there is a sudden, severe lower abdominal or pelvic pain that is associated with fever or vomiting. Another common cause of lower right or left abdominal pain is constipation. This occurs when you are unable to regularly pass stools with ease, and instead, may pass hard stools less than 3 times a week. Straining, bloating, and pressure in the rectum accompany the pain.

The pain usually disappears with bowel movement and may not be accompanied by additional symptoms. This is often relieved by modifying the diet and taking stool softeners or laxatives. When a fertilized egg is implanted outside of the uterus, an ectopic pregnancy results.

The fertilized egg may lodge in the right ovary, fallopian tube, or in the abdominal cavity, causing severe pain. If it occurs on the right side then it may be mistaken for appendicitis.

However, it is often recognized because it is usually associated with a missed period, symptoms of early pregnancy, and vaginal bleeding. Immediate medical consultation must be sought because a fallopian tube may rupture and cause heavy bleeding, which can be life threatening.

Dull aching pain that becomes sharp, starts in the mid abdomen and shifts to the right lower region; tenderness, rebound tenderness. Pain in urinating, pink, red or brown urine which may be cloudy and foul-smelling, nausea, vomiting, fever with chills, and frequent urination. Last Updated 16 September, Lower Right Abdominal Pain. Appendicitis The most common cause of pain in the lower right portion of the abdomen is appendicitis, or an inflammation of the appendix.

If you experience these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. Scads of people have switched from a junk food diet of processed and fast food, replaced it with a vegan diet full of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes and have seen their health improve drastically.

All those foods are incredibly healthy superfoods! And the vast majority of people in the Western world would do well to abide by that sort of a diet for a few weeks or months. But and this brings me to my next point a long-term vegan diet is not a wise way to go. Many people like John Nicholson find their health deteriorating at a rapid rate when following a vegan diet. This is so fascinating to me. Did you know that without plenty of healthy fats in your diet, you are not able to assimilate and absorb the nutrients in fruits and vegetables?

And where do you find these healthy fats? We need fat for proper brain function, nerve signal transmission, and hormone balance! But butter from grass-fed, pastured cows is rich in saturated fats, vitamin A, buytric acid, conjugated linoleic acid CLA — a powerful cancer fighter , and lauric acid.

I read an awesome anecdote about my main man Weston A. The study Price documented is very telling about how a vegetarian or vegan diet is unsuited for humans.

Here she is in her words:. During this adventure which he documented in great detail with amazing pictures in his masterpiece Nutrition and Physical Degeneration , Dr. Price concluded that while the diets of these natives varied widely, nutrient dense animal foods high in the fat soluble vitamins A, D, and K also known as Activator X were the common denominator.

Consumption of these animal foods were revered in these communities as they bestowed vibrant health, ease of fertility, healthy children, and high resistance to chronic and infectious disease. This discovery was a disappointment to Dr. Price who had expected to find the vegetarian cultures to be the healthiest cultures of all. But, the vegetarian cultures he examined displayed more degeneration than the omnivore cultures which surprised him given that these vegetarian cultures did indeed have superior health than the Americans of his day.

A sad commentary on the state of health in the Western world with our plastic, packaged, chemical-filled foods, but a true insight into the path to optimal health — it includes animal foods! I also want to highlight an absolutely beautiful, almost poetic look at this topic from Kristen of Food Renegade. Tammy Schack Apr 12, This is a wonderfully written, common-sense, excellently documented approach to the reasons it behooves us to carefully consider how we choose to live and what to consume.

We cannot afford to take a haphazard approach to how we fuel body, soul, and mind. Our power to not only survive, but thrive, depends on it.

Lori Winter Apr 12, Christina Jan 20, I eat a mostly vegan diet made up of whole, unprocessed foods; however, I still eat meat, because that is when I feel best. I wish the vegan community would embrace those of us who realize that the processed, factory farm crap is not good for anyone; and applaud everyone who makes an effort to be more conscious in their food choices.

The hatred and self-righteousness of so many vegans turns people off and their arguments are completely ignored. It would be better for the animals, the humans, and the environment if everyone ate one vegan meal a day — filled with whole, unprocessed foods — right!?! John Sep 20, The times are different now and we can supply all of the nutrients needed for a health vegan diet. Including the ability to be bodybuilders.

Anyone hear of Patrik Baboumian or Robert Cheeke? How about the long term ladies Annette Larkins? Better for the animals? Have you heard their screams when they are killed? Its actually you that think you are above other sentient beings, not vegans. Do you know the water footprint of the processing? It takes 12lbs of grain gallons of water to produce to produce 1lbs of beef gallons of water to process.

Sure its a big jump for some but look at what you can accomplish for future generations. These are just some of the points the article misses in order to justify its points which are misleading. Raegan Sep 24, María Oct 24, Mark Oct 28, Vegan Hypocrisy Nov 08, Brittany Nov 08, Nik Nov 22, I considered going vegan till I did some research.

I live in Austin, TX. I give my own body that same respect as a creature from a long line of omnivores. Stan Dec 02, Julio Jan 18, Elsa Apr 09, Well said, no need for my vegan opinion on this article after your amazing response. Fyi my life insurance gave me an additional discount because I am above excellent health: Alexandra Jun 22, As well as this, humans are meant to stove off of a plant based diet.

Our jaws, teeth, hands and feet, and our instestines are so much more alike to the fruitarian and vegan animals. Mar Jun 24, FYI Vitamin B12 is NOT in meat; is produced by bacteria in meat thats the reason many pharmacists can produce Vitamin B12 in large scales without meat or its derivates. It has long been assumed that B12 is produced by bacteria in the large intestine aka the colon , but since B12 is produced below the ileum where B12 is absorbed , it is not available for absorption.

This theory is reinforced by the fact that many species of totally or primarily vegetarian animals eat their feces. Eating feces allows them to obtain B12 on their diets of plant foods. Vitamin B12 deficiency is known to be associated with signs of demyelination, usually in the spinal cord. Lack of vitamin B12 in the maternal diet during pregnancy has been shown to cause severe retardation of myelination in the nervous system. This severely hypotonic child had anemia due to insufficient maternal intake of vitamin B12 with associated megaloblastic anemia.

MRI of the brain revealed severe brain atrophy with signs of retarded myelination, the frontal and temporal lobes being most severely affected. It was concluded that this myelination retardation was due to insufficient intake of vitamin B12 and vitamin B12 therapy was instituted. The patient responded well with improvement of clinical and imaging abnormalities. We stress the importance of MRI in the diagnosis and follow-up of patients with suspected diseases of myelination.

Rochelle Jul 18, I am not even sure how I ended up on this fiction piece of blog space, but it truly makes little to no logical sense. Consuming animal secretions is flat out disgusting and unnecessary and to eat their flesh is even more barbaric. Veganism is the future and there really is no way around this no matter how much you want to moan and groan about it.

Olivia Aug 03, Because I am getting all the natural sugars from fruits and all the energy I need from veggies as well. Kade Miller Aug 19, Agriculture requires taking over entire living communities and clearing them away, then planting the land for just humans. You take a piece of land and you clear every living thing off it—and I mean down to the bacteria. When you remove the perennial polyculture—the grassland or the forest—the soil is exposed and it dies. It turns to desert ultimately.

Northern Africa once fed the Roman Empire. The planet has been skinned alive. Sojo Sep 16, At the time, the destruction of native flora and fauna to create this was considered the norm. I remember plowing up baby rabbits from their home, as a child, and crying because I took their home and turned it into a barren wasteland to grow okra, which I hated anyway but the family liked. Years pass and I see all the bull passed on in the media about cow farts messing with global warming and the like and I just wanna laugh and shake my head at the same time.

Let me take you to one of those large farms that feed vegetarians…a farm that grows your food and I can probably name the indigenous wildlife that scrapes a meal off that property with one hand. Vegetarianism is a faith system. It is based on a belif system that is flawed. Think for yourself people. Sissi Oct 01, My points precisely, John.

And just one more: The article also ommits cereals completely. And what can you tell about the fact that mammals do not naturally produce the necessary enzime to digest dairy products when suckling is over?

According to you, what could that possibly MEAN?? Now, think a little bit… It is almost hard to believe all the amazing predictable and well known statements as truth in the comments also, and the latest fad: Trina Oct 04, Oh, my mirror must be terrible, also, since it shows that I look the best I ever have and those sunken eyes that people are going on about..

Just putting that last part out there, just in case my credibility is attacked. Might wanna take it up with my doctor and mirror, though. Ralph Graham Jan 09, One of the problems we get in this conflict is that no matter how many times thorough articles with quoted studies and statistics appear, the same arguments and myths are served up again and again. It is more that people hear these arguments and just repeat them without examining them.

I will admit veganism is increasing at an astonishing rate across the globe but as yet compared to meat eaters they are still a tiny bunch. So who is eating the train loads of B12 tablets?

Yes, meat eaters and not for fun but because they are found to be deficient. B12 is fed to meat animals in their feed. Not adopting vegan eating because taking B12 is recommended is not a reason at all. You are missing out on so much. Even without adopting the compassion for animals needlessly killed, a properly managed vegan diet is a happy thing indeed: Think of the relatives and friends who are in the ground due to heart disease and many cancers.

These are amazingly rare among long term vegans who manage their eating well. The case for seeing a new view of animals is very powerfully put in the documentary, Earthlings [earthlings. Very best to all: Tawny Feb 17, Stephen Feb 06, Vegan diet done correctly has more nutrtion in than any other diet on the planet for humans. And should stop telling lies. And giving out disinformation. And instead of panicing they should start growing more fruit and veg! Jered Feb 13, How is it remotely more nutritious than a balanced diet with lean protein?

For a reason mind you. Sarah Feb 24, If I examine my calorie intake each day it is noramally calories. I have gained weight since becoming a vegan. You are an idiot who tries to justify the moral implications of meat with false ideas, just as the author has done. Josh Feb 26, Kristen Mar 14, I hate discussing veganism with people. As a vegan, I do not try to push my beliefs on anyone unless they demand I defend my lifestyle.

Being a vegan does not automatically mean you are eating a healthy diet. There are still many unhealthy vegan options. Vegans still have to maintain a balanced diet just like everyone else does.

An unbalanced eating vegan and an unbalanced eating omnivore are both just as unhealthy. A balanced eating vegan does not miss any nutrition, and in fact receives probably more nutrition, than an omnivore receives. Barbara Bankes May 03, If you believe in the Bible, the first diet did not include meat. It was based totally on plant based foods.

How long did Adam and Eve or early people live? Zach Bonvallat Jun 09, If you take what is told to you for face value without digging deeper you may be mislead and that is why I actually encourage people not to believe me but to come up with the answers on their own accord. With that being said, The fact is: Protein is never an issue with dieting, as long as you eat enough calories, you will eat enough protein.

Rob Papworth Jun 16, Let me guess you are someone who claims to be religious but clearly knows nothing about religion or the Bible in its entirety.

If you would like me to literally make you speechless with references as to how absurd and misguided the point is that your trying to make I would be more than happy to. Well, that and your extremely unhealthy lifestyle. Human physiology, metabolism and anatomy are very straightforward proof of that. Eating other animals came as a necessary step for the survival of the species, and Man adapted partially to the new diet — but only to some extent — and only once he controlled fire we are not capable to live on raw meat.

Chris Oct 26, BarbaraBankes — I like to theories with theology too. Adam and Eve also had access to the Tree of Life, kind of. It could be theorized that time and aging, as we know it, did not exist in the Garden of Eden. Plus communal diseases and a dense population go hand and hand. The same waters placed there at the beginning of the creation story.

If that barrier was still intact up until then, it would have been an extra layer of protection from the sun. Also, during the time of Noah, humans already had customs that were not sanctioned by God, which may have included eating meat.

After the flood, God permitted Noah and his family to add animal to their diet. People did live into the hundreds for a while after the flood. As Sojo and KadeMiller can attest in later dated posts. The key to a truly well-balanced diet depends on well-balanced food production. All they need is to be implemented and consumers need to get behind them. Feb 21, Actually, the Hitler was a vegetarian claim has been exposed as a myth — as propaganda from his enemies.

What has been proven is that vegans and vegetarians are, on average, more compassionate not only to animals but to people — and that there is a link between animal abuse and abuse of humans.

SAM Feb 28, Jake Mar 04, Hitler was a great man. I forget sometimes that people still feel justified to reference him in an implicitly derogatory manner.

Hitler loved animals and was vegetarian what veganism originally meant by his own accord from a young age. Once in power he shut down all the slaughter factories in German territory and implemented the first comprehensive anti-animal cruelty laws. This article ignores the multitudes of lifelong vegans who show greater health and longevity than the rest of the population.

This is not the case today. Andrew Mar 31, Tell me if we arnt meant to eat meat were were our ancestors suppos eto get B12 from, did they go down to the local chemist and buy supplements.

Bridget Apr 12, Hitler also probably wore socks. Do you wear socks? He probably brushed his teeth. The similarities are endless! Alisa Apr 13, He became vegetarian because his doctor advised it. Saddam Hussein ate tons of meat. Richard Jun 03, The statement about our teeth and saliva supporting an omnivore diet is inaccurate. Our set of teeth does in fact include canines for the purpose of tearing meat as well as the type of molars that chew both vegetables and meat.

In every science book humans are regarded as omnivores. ExLibertas Jun 03, Hitler was also a human. So now all humans are exactly like Hitler because they have something in common with him. Hitler supposedly closed all the slaughterhouses for animals in German territories and opened slaughterhouses for humans instead. He brought Europe to one of the worst periods in human history — modern Dark Age. I feel very sorry for you and your deluded beliefs.

You may very well be the biggest idiot of all the vegan zealots posting here, which is saying a LOT. PS You kill more animals through pesticides, trapping, planting, harvesting, threshing, ETC to get your precious vegan diet than the one animal that dies for my steak, you hypocritical moron.

Its never been proven if Hitler was a vegetarian. Most Vegand eat organic, planting and harvesting? The one animal that dies, really????

You sir are the moron. Eerie Mar 13, Personally, I struggle talking to vegans about anything because in my experience they turn every attempt at a conversation as a way to push their beliefs on me.

Mike Apr 05, If you have any questions about nutrition, such as what I eat and where I get b12 not supplements or other nutrients you have been misinformed about in their relation to a vegan lifestyle, feel free to ask. Veganism is very different than religion.

Veganism is based on facts and logic. However, similar to religion, it is also based on ethics. Some of the ethics you might have as a vegan are: Yes, vegans want to push their beliefs on you.

Darinka Apr 14, If somebody is paying all your food and bills and everything, you work for him. Everything you just spouted are lies wrapped in blind faith. Religion is believing something with no proof, theres proof of animal suffering everywhere. Emily Jul 05, There is plenty of physical proof that steers people toward religion; what they do in the name of religion….

Where was everybody when farmers, agricultural and environmental organizations who humanely raised and killed livestock, grew diversified crops, and fought against pesticides and Monsanto were asking people to help keep their farms [whether by direct donation, the consumer dollar vote, or political votes against deregulation]? Quite a few prevalent health problems we face today could have been prevented by keeping our food sources simple and clean.

Liz Mar 22, Basil Apr 22, So thinking i had cancer or some other disease, i went to my doctor and had some blood work done…. After freaking out about even considering to give up my lifestyle i decided to go to a nutriotionist, and what i learned shocking i didnt already know this is that our body does NOT store protein. Which explained the nails and hair. Where do vegans get the majority of their protein from? Soy and what does soy have in it? Estrogen, and when your diet it is mostly estrogen your body goes a-wall.

Hence the mood swings. So all you hyped-up-on-estrogen vegans out there, calm down. No one is attacking your life choices, people are just trying to help each other in any way they think they can.

Isa Jul 10, There are a lot of soy-free non-deficient vegans out there. I have no idea what you have done with your diet, but there are plenty of plant based protein sources that have nothing to do with soy: So these are the high-protein sources.

But also other grains like wheat, barley, rye, millet, rice and stuff like that are a good source of protein, esp. Even plain old veggies contain some protein — not a lot, but it adds up. So really, no need to panic. Oh my… you can get fat from too much fat on a vegan diet as well as any other diet in this world.

As a matter of fact I absolutely love almond butter with a bit of agave as it tastes like marzipan and there is A LOT of fat in it — lots of PUFA, but also a certain amount of saturated fat. Other plant sources of saturated fats: There ARE certain problems with a vegan diet, no way around it esp.

B12 must be substituted , but protein and fat are not. I would rather look into mikronutrient deficiencies like iron, zinc, calcium and in countries with less selenium also this one. Jess Oct 28, I agree that everyone is trying the best they can with the information they have. Personally, I agree that Veganism can be a healthy diet if you do it right. Joe May 05, The human digestive tract is not long enough to process plant matter over the long term.

Herbivores have far longer digestive tracts relative to humans, some digest their food multiple times before excreting and many also have a special digestive organ that breaks down cellulose. While our digestive tracts are longer than pure carnivores, they are not nearly long enough to fully extract all nutrients from plant matter before excreting, we only digest our food once, and we have no organ for breaking down cellulose.

Our digestive tract is that of a carnivore that has evolved to be able to tolerate SOME plant matter as a dietary supplement for when meat is in short supply. We are not meant to live solely on plant matter. Stephen May 10, You must be a liberal. B Dub May 22, Too bad there there is no such thing as scientific fact, only scientific evidence. Google it to learn the difference and why knowing the difference is important. Erin Jun 11, The vegan diet is absolutely incredible.

Avocados, olive oil, coconut oil and almonds are not always accessible or in season? Where do you live? All of those things can be found at any health food store.

Animal products are addicting, acidic and inflammatory. Look up Anette Larkins and Mimi Kirk. Two of the youngest looking women in their 70s, and they are both vegan. Those women look exactly as decrepit and diseased as one would expect adherents to such an unhealthy and unnatural diet to look. Kirk looks like an elderly woman who remained sassy and stylish. Being active, coping with stress and abstaining from harmful substances like tobacco, are important factors in staying healthy, along with eating well.

Steve Nov 01, The answer is 0, as they can feed from grass. How much are they given in practice is a different story. Maggie Nov 27, Guys, this is one of the most pointless arguments ever if you ask me. We could go on discussing this matter for ever.

A Vegan diet CAN be healthy in the long run, just like a non-vegan diet can. Eating meat does not mean you will get cancer at 55 or die from a heart attack at 60, nor does not eating any animal products mean that you will have swollen eyes or bruise easily 10 years later.

If you care about your diet, you will have good results whichever way you choose to go. The thing is, a vegan diet is a more thoughtful diet; to the animals, to the planet AND to other humans.

So people who research this stuff and really care and want to do something about it, they go vegan. It is one of the most effective ways to change things. The guy with the username: Vegan Hypocrisy , if you have such a strong opinion about vegans, please contact me. Again Vitamin B12 is essential to the human diet.

This Vitamin is only found in meat. So no scientifically Veganism is unhealthy simple. Mike Dearborn Jun 13, How is this B12 myth still being perpetuated?! B12 is a byproduct of bacteria that happens to be in meat. Or if you have healthy gut microbes you can synthesize it yourself. Vitamin B12 synthesis by human small intestinal bacteria.

That would take miles of land to even make a difference to the veggie and fruit output. All this land taken would be killing animals habitat and killing a lot because they dont have homes. So now vegans would be killing animals too. A Question you vegans should be asking yourself is: Where would we plant fields and orchards if a lot of people went vegan? What would we have to give up?

The space we need for all these crops just isnt there. In fact there isnt evenclose to the amount of space, with the right conditions to feed even america, on the planet. Kate May 25, You must be deluded because keeping animals in cruel conditions and killing millions is not natural. There is heaps of scientific evidence that Vegans are the healthiest and they are the most immune to cancer, heart disease and other diseases too!

I am 15 years old and have been a vegan for 6 years now. I was the first in my family to turn vegan. I am in the state tennis team and have got the most academic award in my school for the past 4 years. I won a big music competition late last year and i was invited to play at the Governors house last Friday night. I am a normal teenage girl who has lots of friends.

A vegan diet does not affect any of this! And i am proud to be one! Beth Apr 25, Vegan Hypocrisy you need to stop bashing everyone else and get off your high horse! Congratulations Kate, and well said! You obviously did not fall for the BS on this blog and are a great representative of veganism! Keep up the good work! Myself Jan 17, So I guess you had no innocence or childhood at all. Do you remember being normal at any stage of your 15 years or were you a monster from the beginning?

If you are so sorry about keeping animals in cruel conditions, then may I remind you that you are living in a land that is not yours, Ms Future Prom Queen, Dairy Queen a. You seem to forget that you keep the owners of your land in reservations.

Those are noble people, unlike you who are not much more than the sorry descendents of the burps of Europe.

Kate congratulations on your achievements. I suggest having a look at b12 and its function in the human body. Josh Matthews Nov 13, I just hope people see you post for what it is: Other rodents eat meat and another ape, the chimpanzee, eats animal product. And all the other non-herbivore land, air and sea animals? What are they — physically or morally compromised? Or are they doing what they are naturally wired to do by eating what their bodies require?

The ancient human brain [according to scientists and anthropologists] required the addition of meat to advance in size, performance, and processes that resulted in our brains today. Our anatomy is designed to regulate breathing and heart rhythms so efficiently that humans are the best long distance runners. Scientists and anthropologists often suggest a link to the evolution for lack of a better word of the hunter.

I really appreciate the emphasis on not supporting factory farms and going local, etc. If you ever eat meat from a standard restaurant or grocery store, then you are going directly against your morals and even financially supporting the industry. So my question for you is Lori, do you only eat meat that is pasture-raised, cage free, etc.? Archie Jul 09, Using year old outdated evidence for current conditions is just plain old bad science. Jen Aug 09, Troy Nov 02, Brooke Nov 10, I have to agree with Dr.

The science of today points to eating healthy whole grains NOT junk food or cheese puff , vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and beans. As for Vitamin B12, omnivores have to supplement with this as well. And something not mentioned at all is that indigenous cultures may eat meat but they eat it in small amounts, not a big chunk on a plate like a steak or pork chop, more as a condiment than as a main part of the meal. And a point for those in a world where money is very tight and who live in areas without access to organically-raised, grass-fed beef and humanely raised chickens: I have some good friends who are omnivores and they raise and slaughter their own cows, pigs, and chickens.

I respect their choice, they know what their animals eat, they treat them well, and they make sure they do not suffer. They also eat whole grains and vegetable. Even if it is right, you still need a more recent study to back this up. Ann Jan 01, It has 3x the number of chromosomes of the wheat our Grandparents ate. Dan Feb 06, You make a good point. But there are a good variety of others — I suggest a little research but from Wikipedia alone the list stands at: Brooke, omnivores do not have to supplement B12 because B12 comes from meat and omnivores get enough of it from their diet.

Can you truly call yourself a vegan if you are supplementing with B12 that comes ONLY from animal sources? Oh, and something else you should know, even animals that are herbivores supplement by eating insects and larvae. The B12 for vegans comes from chemical factories. So get your facts straight before you attack someone. Jana Sep 01, You would be surprised how many meat-eaters are B12 deficient.

The only known organisms that manufacture B12 are microorganisms, primarily bacteria. These bacteria often live in bodies of water and soil. Animals get B12 by eating food and soil contaminated with these microorganisms. I am so tired of hearing about B My friend, do you know what B12 is? Animals get it because they eat grass out of the ground. On the ground, there is dirt and bacteria; therefore animals eat the bacteria which is then transferred to you when you eat the animals.

Take the animal out of the equation and you will realise that you can basically get B12 by simply eating something dirty like water from the tab or fruit and vegetables that are not really washed. Suzie Q Nov 29, The fact of the matter is eating meat is healthy, being a vegan is not.

There is plenty of scientific proof to support it. There are plenty of renown scientists through out the years. She makes a good point. All meat is bad, being a vegan is unhealthy. There should be a balance between not meat products and meat to have a fully healthy diet. Austin A Dec 15, The largest study on nutrition contradicts what you said. You should read the china study. The 1 killer in North America is heart disease.

Esselstyn did a 20 year study on heart disease, the largest study of its kind and concluded that plant based diet which is oil free is the best for preventing and reversing heart disease. You should look at who the studies were funded by that conclude meat is good for you. They are probobley biased and funded by the meat industry. The largest studies ever done show that a vegan diet is healthy and that meat is not. Travis Jan 29, Austin, the people of the Pacific islands and Pacific rim countries use tropical red palm, palm kernel and coconut oils almost exclusively in their cooking.

These are the three big oils that we have been told for decades are the worst of the worst and yet the people who have been using those oils for hundreds of years are HEALTHIER than we are. They are less likely to suffer from coronary artery disease and are less likely to be obese. It is us here in North America and Europe who are the unhealthy ones and it all started when we abandoned using tropical oils and animal fats for cooking.

Wrong, read earlier posted reply…. Stop repeating a myth. Stalin was a meat eater, so was Pol Pot and a lot of other mass killers…. Jan 05, Of couse you know your arguement is bullshit.. Bec Mar 14, Ladybohemia Mar 23, Even the fancy grass fed beef at whole foods is finished off with grain and inhumanely slaughtered.

I am flirting with a vegan diet but would still eat the animals my brother-in -law hunts because it led the life the animal deserved and was killed instantly. The meat of today is tainted and produced in horrific conditions. So unless you visit the farm and see how it is slaughtered, I say no,no,no! Joelene Aug 09, Nobel prize winning FACT: Diseases like cancer cannot grow or survive in an alkaline environment, only an acidic one. You are literally taking in the energy of death.

Meat causes heart problems and cancer and is the most toxic food on the planet for human beings after dairy. Please stop eating dangerous food! Stephen stop cutting and pasting the same garbage over and over.

BananaHorse Aug 22, You were doing well up to that point. This quoted portion is so much nonsense as to call it pseudo-science would be an insult pseudo-science. Energy has a rigid definition that is totally unsuited to what you are even trying to talk about.

Benjy Aug 30, The ph balance inside the human body is 80 to There was a friend of mine who lived with tribes in french guinea and they where asking the vegans: Meat is high in trans fats and other toxins which are bad for the human body.

James Stanley Sep 08, The China Study was biased and bad science. Marty Sep 12, This blog entry is bs. Bea Sep 10, Fortified vegan cereals and milks contain b I ate red meat and I did get less anemic. I also got a lot fatter, and even less healthy. I also feel healthier and happier than ever. Being a vegan is no walk in the park, and sometimes it is hard to say no to unhealthy non-vegan foods, but it is soooooo worth it.

Sep 10, Stokes Sep 13, Unfortunately, Jolene, your nobel prize winning Fact about an alkaline environment was debunked by the very same John Hopkins University cancer center that people were attributing the report to. Mari Jul 17, Dylan Sep 26, The reason why the nations that eat more meat had more disease was because they ate it every single meal and they ate the fast food and hormone filled cows.

Brad Dec 27, The Greeks who are known to science to have disproportionately long lives include isolated island communities who eat mainly local vegetables and fish. Binh Aug 28, It made me realize whats going on in my own body and to make changes. Free Oct 24, Wonderful facts, gladly I am familiar with all of them, from information as well as being on the vegan diet….

Another thing to add: Jedavid Dec 13, I think it would be fine for everyone to eat as they please, just as long as they keept the extra carbon, poluted water,and deflorestation caused by their food choices over their own heads. The problem is every single food choice we make can influence the planet wether for better or worse. Raising catlle is many times more costly, polutent, and inefficiente them just eating the things we are giving pigs cows and chikens to chew for us.

Jane Oct 29, Are plants not also killed for food? Does the energy of death not apply to plants for some reason? As for pain, fear, and suffering… look up Temple Grandin, and her work in redesigning slaughter houses. The only source of energy the brain can process is carbohydrates attn paleo dieters: LA Dec 24, Yes, we can get coconut oil and sustainable Palm oil in our daily diet when bought from health stores now or we buy in bulk bucket from Tropical Traditions.

Not everyone can eat avocados and most nuts btw, like me. Your brain is mainly made of fat and cholesterol.

Anne Jan 20, In my family, half are vegans and half are omnivores. The vegans ALL have some form of cancer. Keep in mind that these are the vegans who actually eat healthy food not cheese puffs.

They are also frail and look years older than they are. The omnivores in my family look a good years younger than their actual age and have absolutely no health problems. I eat plenty of meat AND vegetables.

Furthermore, of course they look older if they have cancer! Many people become vegan once they already have cancer, because its shown that veganism can help halt and even reverse cancer. Lisa Feb 24, Joelene, vegans get their energy from death, too. I totally agree with you Jolene. I am not a vegan, but after college I weighed 83 KG. My mother is a vegetarian so I adapted to not eating meat for that time. However, I quit my diet and I was eating in moderation but still waffels, crepes, chocolate,… whatever was offered because being in Belgium for 4 months, I was not going to refuse.

In three months I lost 12 KG that I never put back on! When I moved, I reduced my meat intake first by once a week, then by once a month and finally, after seeing earthlings, I stopped eating meat. Not so much the energy of death, but the pain and the misery. Stress affects our entire body, our muscles, our blood, our health, and it affects the animals in the same way. In summary, I never try to get anyone off meat.

Because at the end of the day, I am an environmentalist. So if you wanna eat meat, do, if you wanna smoke, do, if you wanna do drugs, please do. Tiffany May 29, Lily Spinard Sep 11, Veganism prevents certain types of cancers and there has never been any recorded vegan suffering from obesity or diabetes after becoming vegan.

In fact many people diagnosed with cancer and other illnesses that can be caused by dietary problems often chose to become vegan in order to be healthier and able to fight off disease. We eat oreos, cake, chips, and many more types of fatty food, so not getting enough fat in a vegan diet is no excuse to not be a vegan. The statistics in this article a proven wrong by the china study. I am a vegan and I can assure you that we most certainly do get enough fat into our systems, but we also get our proper vitamins.

I completely disagree and slaughtering animals and constantly forcing bulls to impregnate cows to produce milk and milk products is completely morally incorrect. Nobody would do that to a human because humans can defend themselves with words unlike our intelligent animal friends.

I will be healthy for years to come because of my balanced vegan diet. Sep 11, I am a vegan. People always tell me that ia dont get enough protein are fats. I am a teenager so I am growing alot and I have gained a very healthy amount of weight. Besides when your are eating animals, there are alot of unhealthy fats and other substances that sit in your stomach for years because your body cant digest them.

Veganism and vegetarianism all lower your risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiac disease, and obesity. Ever since i have become a vegan I feel more energized, Im not tired after I eat, my skin isnt as oily, and my digestive system just feels alot more clean. These fats are actually digestible because the structure is different from a plant cell structure. Kimbo, fruits and vegetables contain cellulose and humans cannot digest that.

Until we are able to fully digest cellulose, then we will never be getting full nutrients from plant matter. Plant matter also passes through our digestive tract too quickly to be broken down fully. When talking to my carnivorous friends they talk about feeling heavy and tired.

I would love to know where you got the facts to make that statement. Obesity and diabetes can be caused by many factors, including fat, calorie and sugar intake as well as congenital and genetic dispositions. None of those are connected to eating meat.

I personally know and work with a diabetic who has been a vegan for 20 years and a diabetic for 3 years. Glen Sep 14,

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