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Search our database or add your own ingredients. Learn more about Field Labeling of Fire Doors. In , the USDA approved the import of a GM pineapple that is pink in color and that "overexpresses" a gene derived from tangerines and suppress other genes, increasing production of lycopene. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Proven by recent multi-year scientific studies:

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Our team will collaborate with you to configure the solution accordingly. Ask us for a demo either for yourself, for your team, other stakeholders, senior management or anyone else who is part of your artwork system. Individual Benefits Organizational Benefits. Clients News and Events. Explained under 90 seconds. Work together in a better way. Artwork Approval Workflows Initiate artwork projects, attach files, route to reviewers, approve or reject artworks, receive email alerts on pending tasks, track status of artworks and keep everyone on the same page.

Collaboration and Proofing Tools Use checklists and annotation tools to collaborate and reduce reworks Verify barcodes, fonts, colors and layers used in the artwork.

Asset Library Search for Artworks in a central library, tag artworks with any keyword, automatically manage different versions of the files, thumbnails for quick preview, browse files through folders or filter using meta-data. Reporting and Metrics Get insights from real-time data Identify bottlenecks in the workflow, monitor status of projects, causes for rework and ensure that your artworks are released on time.

Which team are you working with? Contact us today for a demonstration!. Learn more about Mar-Kov Software. Mar-Kov provides food manufacturers with robust traceability solutions from receipt of raw materials, through production, to sale of fi Learn more about Mar-Kov Software. Food Decision Software Inc. FDS , has emerged as one of the top respected names in food industry specific software, providing its solution, WinFDS, exclusively to companies involved in food distribution, food manufacturing and the need for food traceability.

Our WinFDS software will help you continue to grow and increase the efficiency and profitability of your operations. Learn more about WinFDS. Our solution is an ideal fit for food companies that require functionality such as traceability, food safety compliance, demand planning, sales forecasts, EDI, capacity planning, MRP, production scheduling, warehouse management, and logistics management Learn more about JustFoodERP.

Provides a comprehensive Lot Traceability module to support the regulatory and compliance requirements. Food Connex is a full-featured software package created especially for Food Distribution and Processing businesses. The core system automatically tracks and processes every aspect of an order's life cycle from ordering, picking, shipping to payment - faster and more accurately than manual systems. Learn more about Food Connex. Full-featured software package created especially for Food Distribution and Processing businesses.

Suitable for businesses in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, food production sectors which have requirements to manage inventory levels Learn more about DEAR Inventory. Learn more about FreshCheq. Gather better data, speed next steps, analyze outcomes. Learn more about Mobile Audit and Inspection Solutions. QWerks is a quality monitoring and inspection software which helps businesses reduce risk, manage information, and improve operations.

Learn more about QWerks. Inventory control, costing and accounting software designed for the wholesale food distribution industry.

Learn more about Edible Software. Streamlines all the fundamental elements a business requires such as accounts receivable, human resources, and quality management. Learn more about eFood.

Solves the unique challenges of formula-based manufacturing by allowing all users to share data in a centralized system. Learn more about Vicinity. Food-specific ERP solution with over 35 years of industry knowledge, guaranteed product quality and food safety. Learn more about CSB-System. With a powerful network of over 5, food and beverage trading partners, iTradeNetwork is the leader in food supply chain management.

Learn more about iTrade. With Ecert the audit and certification processes become more simple, clear and efficient. Learn more about Ecert. Learn more about myosh Safety Software. Learn more about AuditComply. Tracks the expiration dates of food and drugs with expiration dates. Daily alerts to managers and owners. Learn more about Expirio. Canadian Computer Software specifically designed for buying, selling, inventory, and accounting in the fresh produce industry.

Learn more about SureCheck. Learn more about Cashmere. Affordable and effective way to collect, store and distribute required food safety compliance documents. Learn more about ComplianceCops. Expiration date management solution for grocers and hospitals that ensures they don't have expired products on their shelves. Learn more about Date Check Pro. Commercial accounting system for the perishable commodity industry.

Learn more about Famous. Learn more about Food Safety Management Software. Provides a real time view, ensures compliance standards, and process evidenced with data ensures food safety across the supply chain. Learn more about Food Safety Management System. A suite of software solutions that facilitate food safety program automation with quality assurance and incident management. Learn more about Food Safety Manager. Online catering and management solutions for food ordering, delivery and takeout.

Learn more about FoodVenue. Stock control, dispatch, invoicing, barcoding, quality control, stock traceability, KPI reporting, food grower specialised.

Learn more about GrowerPro. Learn more about GSQA. Solution for growers and shippers of fresh produce in the U. Learn more about HarvestMark. Our of box MES solution for machine data collection, shop floor scheduling, tool and resource management, and quality management. Developed specifically for the random weight meat industry; gives the control needed to avoid costly recalls of meat and food products. Providing full process, inventory, recipe, and distribution traceability software with accounting software integration.

Learn more about iTrace. Software for the food industry; distribution, planning, MRP, inventory, costs, focus on tracking and traceability. Learn more about KT-Family. Serving size unit example: Serving size in gram, mL or mg if serving size unit is not g, mL or mg: Include voluntary components mono-, polyunsaturated fat, potassium, sugar alcohol Check the boxes of the voluntary components you want to include in the nutrition facts label see further below for optional vitamins and minerals and input their values: Check the boxes of the optional vitamins and mineral you want to include in the nutrition facts label and input their values: Input the list of ingredients, separated by commas, in descending order of predominance by weight i.

Check which types of major allergens are included in the ingredients, or from which some of the ingredients are derived: Select or input the specie of the crustacean shellfish: Select or input the type of tree nuts: Input the name and address below: I bought it probably two years ago, and it saves me so much time.

Now it takes me just minutes. I've been looking for something exactly like Shop 'N Cook Pro for a catering company for a few months now to do costing of events and recipes, and I'm so glad I found this.

They've thought of so many things that a chef or home cook might need. It certainly has shown me that I am underpricing many of the things I offer!

Not being fluent in computerese has hampered my previous efforts in learning to use other applications. I was stunned at how fast I managed to import recipes, create a shopping list, and print it. Cooking will be fun again. Stay up-to-date with the nutrition facts labeling tools by subscribing to our newsletter.

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