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Preventive vision exams are covered through the Aetna medical plan. A program designed to lower out-of-pocket medical costs and tuition for employees who qualify, based on their total household income and other criteria.

Employees need to apply, meet program criteria, and get approval to enroll. During your first 3 years at Aetna, you receive the equivalent of 18 days off per year. The longer you work at Aetna, the more time you accrue per month. Company holidays, jury duty, military leave, bereavement and community service time are in addition to your paid time off. Eligible employees who become ill or injured receive a percentage of base pay.

You may be eligible to receive these benefits for a period up to 25 weeks for a certified disability after a one week waiting period. We provide coverage with a monthly benefit equal to 50 percent of your eligible pay.

You may be eligible to receive these benefits after a week period of certified short term disability. You have the option to buy an additional 10 percent of long-term disability.

Achieving your personal financial goals is an important part of your life. To help, we provide financial education benefits, as well as a k plan to help you save for retirement. You may participate in the k plan immediately following your hire.

We match a portion of your contribution. You can invest your contributions among various options offered in the plan. You may be able to transfer roll over funds from another employer's qualified savings or pension plan to the k plan, even if you no longer contribute to the plan. You can purchase Aetna stock at a discount through a payroll deduction.

In order to participate, eligible employees must enroll during the enrollment period announced by Aetna. We encourage professional development. That's why we provide financial support for continuing education.

This program covers a portion of tuition and registration fees for a college course. Provides matching student loan repayment assistance to employees who have eligible loans for completed degrees within certain guidelines. Managing work, family and life in general isn't always easy. That's why we offer resources to help you balance your career and your personal life. Our employee wellness program offers services such as wellness campaigns, weight-management programs and educational seminars.

We believe becoming "financially fit" is linked to good physical health. We offer free personal consultations with a certified financial planner or retirement education specialist. And small workshops educate employees on financial and benefits-related topics. Also get online tools and videos to help reach your financial goals. Employees have access to fitness centers at more than 30 work locations.

The centers provide group exercise classes, personal training and weight-management programs. This incentive program is offered to all eligible employees. See Evidence of Coverage for a complete description of plan benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions of coverage. Plan features and availability may vary by service area. The lower costs advertised in our plan materials for these pharmacies may not be available at the pharmacy you use.

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Florida All Other States. Need Help Choosing a Medicare Plan? Change, Cancel or Leave Your Plan. How Medicare Plans Work. Are You Medicare Eligible? The Parts of Medicare. Check Our Drug List. Through its website, new, existing and prospective Aetna enrollees can compare a variety of policies and benefits.

Relevant information and videos is provided, as well. The carrier also continually ranks high in terms of customer satisfaction and variety of options. Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans are government policies that allow Aetna to offer comprehensive coverage. In fact, the company offered its first Medicare policy in Today, Aetna offers policies in all 50 states, including Part D.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to call and speak with one of our healthcare professionals. Should this merger be approved, the new company would provide more seniors with Medicare Advantage coverage than any other health insurance carrier within the USA. The merger between Humana, the second largest MA Plan provider, and Aetna, the fourth largest overall, would have provided more seniors with Medicare Advantage coverage than any other health insurance carrier in the country.

Although the two companies could have appealed the federal court decision, they announced in February that they would drop the merger. As of December 31, , Aetna provides coverage to more than 23 million medical members, 14 million dental members and 15 million pharmacy benefit management services members.

The Medicare Value Plan can be purchased with or without prescription drug coverage. With this HMO, you pick a primary care physician and must stay within your network for all of your medical needs if you want to avoid out-of-pocket costs. As a standard plan, it includes all of the services under Original Medicare and also has a few extras.

This means that you can see doctors and facilities out of your network, but you may have to pay additional costs to do so. You do not have to pick a primary care physician either.

However, this feature does add extra costs to your plan. AETNA also has plans that are just for people who need prescription drug coverage. These plans do have a higher monthly premium, though. These plans combine Part A hospital insurance , Part B medical insurance and sometimes Part D prescription drug coverage.

This means that you can purchase prescription drug coverage separately if you want a lower premium for Part C.

These plans work if you have original Medicare Parts A and B, but you also need help to pay for costs like deductibles and coinsurance. Choosing a plan through Aetna can be difficult as the site is not user-friendly.

2018 Aetna Medicare Plan Overview