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AAPC Community Wiki: ICD-10 code for site specific arthritis - Primary osteoarthritis wrist

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Gastroenterol Clin North Am. The use of ICD for coding of death certificates and mortality data was mandated in the United States beginning in J Nutr Health Aging. Some of my docs document osteoarthritis in their assessment, yet some only document arthritis ex. In a clinic setting, cardiac rehabilitation is billed under Ambulatory Patient Groups APGs with one of the following rate codes as appropriate: CPT codes , , , , - Debridement tissue wound care.

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ICD-10 Version:2010

Codes are alphanumeric and may be up to 7 characters in length. Alpha characters are NOT case sensitive. All codes require a decimal after the third 3rd character. Laterality side of the body affected is required or certain codes. If a code requires laterality, it must be included in order for the code to be valid.

As a general rule: The number 1 is used to indicate right side. The number 2 is used to indicate left side. The number 9 indicates side is unspecified in the medical record. Addition of 7th character - required for certain codes, including 'S' codes injuries and external causes , to provide information about the characteristic of the encounter.

When required, one of the following alpha digits must be used in the 7th position for the code to be considered valid. When a placeholder character applies, it must be used in order for the code to be considered valid.

S52 Fracture of forearm. In the above example, S52 is the category. The fourth and fifth characters of "5" and "2" provide additional clinical detail and anatomic site.

The sixth character 1 indicates laterality, i. The seventh character, "A", is an extension which, in this example, means "initial encounter". The 5th and 6th character sub-classification represent the most accurate level of specificity.

All ICD codes will begin with one of the following letters of the alphabet; the alpha characters are not case sensitive. The most commonly reported diagnoses for chiropractic are likely to begin with an "M" or an "S". Infectious and Parasitic Diseases. Neoplasms, Blood, Blood-forming Organs. Mental and Behavioral Disorders. Eye and Adnexa, Ear and Mastoid Process. Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue. Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue. Arthritis is the broad name given to any inflammatory joint disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis and some other forms of arthritis are not diseases as associated with aging, but rather auto-immune disorders, in which antibodies attack your cartilage, which is what triggers that inflammation and joint pain. Unspecified arthritis should no be coded as Osteoarthritis unless documented as such. Yes, but, it is well recognized that arthritis and osteoarthritis are interchangeable terms. Baptist Health South Florida: Noninflammatory degenerative disease of the knee joint consisting of three large categories: Crenshaw, Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics, 8th ed, p Description Synonyms Arthritis of left knee Arthritis of right knee Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are not interchangeable terms.

As the rheumatoid indicates a specific form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is not a specific form but it does need to be specified as to primary secondary or postraumatic. Primary osteoarthritis is the same as a degenerative condition due to age. Do you have an official source to refer to? When you look up a arthritis in the alpha, the term arthritis has the M If you look at that code the complete description is: Unspecified osteoarthritis, unspecified site If you want to fine tune this from the alpha under the term arthritis you will find the specific site choices.

The section in the code book M are all osteoarthritis codes which are located by using either the term arthritis or osteoarthritis. There are only a few sites that can be code as unspecified type such as M And may be searchable either way. I am unsure as to what more you require,. Originally Posted by choder. Hi, I only have 8 months experience working for an orthopedic coder. Some of my docs document osteoarthritis in their assessment, yet some only document arthritis ex.

In the ICD10 index, under "Arthritis" there are subheadings such as "atrophic", "degenerative", and "meaning osteoarthritis" that direct you to osteoarthritis.

If there is documentation to support osteoarthritis, I will assign the osteoarthritis code instead of the generalized arthritis code. I thought this logic would be ok because if the doctor specifies a bacterial infection but doesn't specify the type of bacteria,then I look for the lab and find the correct bacteria and code it accordingly instead of using an unspecified bacteria code.

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