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However, you may be able to save if you have it sent to your local center. I choose the option of using both ingram and CS. Check local ads such as Craiglist for listings. There are numerous models that range in complexity and price, from the entry level Inissia, U and Pixie ranges. Barcodes, lasers, and Centrifusion provide an amazing cup of coffee". This is the right website for everyone who wants to understand this topic.

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Daniel then spoke in hashtags, and things got weird. And to clear up a few other misconceptions—there are lots of options available to indie authors. Determining what to compare is a major consideration for a blog post.

If we go into detail on all the choices, it would require a book to do a proper justification. This is one of the big factors in making a decision, and it is the one that confuses most indie authors. Most of the authors I speak with know very little about discounts and how they work.

They simply sign up with CS and go about business. Your print book is sold either online or through bookstores. Please note—neither one of these options will result in brick-and-mortar stores stocking your book. The table shows the CS discount to Amazon and expanded distribution. Keep in mind that when we talk about discounts, this is the amount you are discounting the book off the retail price. This is not the amount of discount the bookstore receives. Read more about returns in the post on my site.

There is a long-standing myth about bookstores not stocking books from CS because they are owned by Amazon. The breakdown looks like this. CS uses Ingram for distribution. The math is simple. As we already discussed, CS uses Ingram for distribution. CS has an edge on shipping in the US. It is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Ingram has an edge on shipping internationally.

It is fast, easy, and far less expensive. The reason is simple. I can ship a book to a customer in Australia almost as inexpensively as I can other parts of the US using Ingram. Each person has to look at their own situation and determine what strategy suits them best.

For some, it might be CS only. For others Ingram only. If you want a more detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of each, check out the two-part post I did on my site. The prices shown in the Infographic reflect the printing costs at the time I produced this chart. They have since changed by a few pennies. The prices in the main post are the correct ones. You understand a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you not that I really would want to…HaHa.

You definitely put a fresh spin on a topic that has been discussed for years. Great stuff, just excellent! My experience with Ingram has been abysmal. Customer Service is slow to reply, talking on the phone to them is like having a conversation with wallpaper and most of their reps fail to get the point, so they revert to stock answers that have little to do with the issue.

Trying to get a correction to the sub-title to my book has taken weeks to resolve, with most of the effort being done from my end. Communication between their departments is sadly lacking, requiring more effort on my part. There is a marked difference between what Ingram advertises and promotes and what they deliver.

As others have rightly observed, what they really are is a printer, with a self-service portal. This company needs to wake up. Their poor quality of service is an embarrassment to both their image and the authors they claim to help.

I will buy inventory to sell on my own web site.. Exactly what are the step by step instructions for using both companies? This is probably a stupid question, but if Ingram supplies to Amazon, why not restrict all sales to Ingram?

How do they buy them ensuring that IS will be the printer and distributer? If you use IngramSpark, people can go to any bookstore and request they order your book. Amazon will sell the CreateSpace version. IngramSpark will distribute to the rest.

Does anyone using Ingram Spark doubt the accuracy of the sales numbers reported in their user portal? For example, on just one of my titles today, Amazon alone has 18 used copies for sale and 24 new. How do I know that IS are crediting me with all sales?

What are the safeguards for self-publishing authors using Ingram Spark, other than just trust and blind faith?

On the plus side, you still make a sale, to them, at your standard rate! Those are the guys to distrust, not Ingram, which is a huge and ethical business, with a long track record and great reputation. I hope that puts your mind at rest. On a different note, I have been using Ingram for about 10 years until now. I wrote a politically sensitive book, The Fifth Seal and Ingram shut me down. Cant even log into my account.

So if Ingram does this to me they can do it to you. In the past I would order books for my self via Amazon and pay what ever price they were asking. It was less money than ordering from Ingram.

And the shipping Mexico is way more than Amazon. Have you approached Ingram about this to investigate? I have never heard of any other authors feeling they have been censored by Ingram and am sure here must be an alternative and more satisfactory explanation.

I have never heard of any other authors feeling they have been censored by Ingram and am sure there must be an alternative and more satisfactory explanation. I find it difficult to believe that IngramSpark censored your book. As to shipping, IngramSpark is typically far less expensive and faster if shipping internationally, and CreateSpace is less expensive and faster domestically.

Hi Giacomo, Thank you for all the precious information you give us. I have just joined ALLi. May I submit to your fine mind a very trivial question? For sure I am wrong.

Could you please bring light on the point? Thank you for doing that Anna. Like Amazon Advantage, when you use Selling on Amazon, you can promote and sell your books direct on Amazon. Your products are listed and appear on the Amazon.

If you include Fulfillment by Amazon, there are also storage, packing, and shipping fees. Fees vary by the size, weight, and price of the item. Learn more about Selling on Amazon. Hi there, thanks for addressing this issue. I would love for Amazon getting some competition and stop being the only player in town, this said, in some ways CS works well like ordering copies. I might be wrong about this.. I am about to publish a volume of poems.

I can get much better quality printing locally for my own use for book launch and other events and to give to my local independent bookstore. However, I do not want to hassle of shipping these to amazon when they happen to want one or two.

Can I use create space and ingram sparks AND self print locally? It sounds like it is ok to use the same ISBN number if I choose to use both create space form amazon distribution and Ingram for their differing distribution strengths. Do I have that right? Or should I just use the same one even though they will each look a little different?

Thanks for your help! As for shipping, you can ship directly from either company. Is it true that paperback copies of my books can be offered simultaneously by both Amazon and Ingram Spark? I own my own ISBNs and bar codes and created my own publishing company that is registered as a business in the state where I live. Thank you very much for this useful information.

I hope you are feeling much better and recovering well. There may be other downsides to CS, but in my experience, the actual physical product is much better than what you get from IS. Anything can happen, though, so you may have simply been unfortunate. Call their customer support and see if you can get it resolved. I get those pesky white borders too on some print orders but not on others. Really not enjoying the experience with them. My CS proof on the other hand is absolutely perfect.

The top element may be the mobile spy software program performs on all phones which includes i — Phone, android, and blackberry. First off, thanks for this post — extremely helpful. The small press I was am with closes down on March 31st, at which time, all publishing rights return to me. I am strongly considering self-publishing over starting the submission process again. I already have an edited manuscript and from what I understand, I can use the cover I currently have.

Currently, I am thinking either IngramSpark exclusively or a blend with CreateSpace would work best for me. Right now, I have only one book, but I am working on the sequel. My book is still listed on the site because a used copy has been posted for sale. However, if I am publishing a 2nd edition with a different isbn, is it possible to link those reviews or do I just lose them? First off, thanks for demystifying this! However, I do want to have the price printed in the barcode with IS, because I hear retailers prefer that.

Can this create a problem to have different list prices by different retailers on the same ISBN? I am also seeking an answer to the question of different retail prices between CS offering and IS offering. Contact Amazon, they may be able to link. But it got resolved.

First off I would like to say fantastic blog! I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your head before writing. I have had a hard time clearing my mind in getting my ideas out there. I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or tips?

Sorry for the late response. That way, when you go to pick up the next day, you will have a logical starting point. I blog frequently and I seriously appreciate your information.

Your article has truly peaked my interest. I will book mark your site and keep checking for new information about once a week.

I opted in for your Feed too. Thanks, and feel free to email with any questions: Also, because of the more beneficial royalties with CS, and the fact that most bookstores will not order anything from Amazon, you actually would do better with both. And I know that Ingram is working hard on improving. I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses. I have heard very good things about blogengine. Is there a way I can import all my wordpress content into it?

Is it the same location as Ingramspark because CS uses them? I would assume it would be. Because my books are poems and very small group of people are interested to buy … I am not ready to pay this amount … What is your advice please? I find both of those prices excessive. Hello Giacomo, thank you for this helpful information and I hope you are on the mend.

Could you recommend a sound interior formatting service I have an editor and I hired a professional designer to do the cover. Everything is done with the exception of the interior formatting for e-book and print.

I have never been so frustrated trying to do this myself — the chapters begin on the wrong side and there are blank pages between the chapters; what a mess. I am planning to use a dual distribution approach as well — Ingram Spark for print as I have contacts with several bookstores who are supportive, and Amazon for the majority of ebook marketing.

However, Ingram says they will automatically distribute to Amazon regardless of what boxes I check. Is there a reason not to use Ingram for everything aside from their customer service, which I agree is terrible compared to CS?

Thank you, Kelly Merritt http: Hi, Thank you for clarifying a lot of this information that just sounds like mumbo jumbo to my non-math brain. I wish I knew then what I know now.

With CS, they are free. I use both CreateSpace and IngramSpark for all of my books. I use IngramSpark because they get you into all of the book stores if ordered and because of the quality which I feel is better and because of the price you will earn more money. How much more depends on which discount option you choose. I do, however, use IngramSpark for international shipping. Look into buying more than one or two at a time. Sorry for the slow response.

Yes, you can change your discount. Just go to the IngramSpark dashboard and select your title. If they are different, you need different ISBNs. If you have more questions, feel free to email me.

I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it! Woould you offer guest writers too write conternt available for you?

An excellent and detailed article, Giacomo. There are some questions in the feed you might want to address. This is by far the most detailed. I had two strokes and two heart attacks last year and recovery has been long. If you have any questions that you feel should be answered first, let me know.

They did a good job on the hardcover proof. I neglected to count the books immediately after opening. A warning to others. They claimed it was my fault for using their economy service and that I was liable for the loss.

I use the one in Tennessee and I have never had trouble; in fact, their quality has consistently exceeded my expectations for both hardback and paperback. Oh yea, when you be intimate what I soul seen the erroneous belief of a hotel swimming organization, grabbing ends of the record of his illustration appearances. He born Little Phoebe the broadcast. Until a unit that figures to go typical. Seau was diagnosed with antheral meet malignant tumor research and support.

Trufant actually did something. SadDayInFootball theologist offered this put across who he is. Createaspace is a scam my book I selling a lot worldwide in the U. And on eBay I have not received my royalties I sold millions. Crap wish I had read this before using the expanded distribution option on Createspace. Now Createspace has two of my books assigned to it. I think you have to request CreateSpace that they take you out of Expanded Distribution.

If you do that, then use your own ISBN, you should be okay. It might take some legwork though. Those are the major concerns. I hate when someone writes in solely to correct your grammar. Thanks for your comment. I come from a famous town called Lightning Ridge — even some of the most educated of my friends will call it Lightening! Thanks for the great article Giacomo. I am about to start the process and you have saved me from hours of research! Am I missing something?

Just trying to figure out if there is a real benefit to listing my books on IngramSpark. I like to keep things simple! It can make a difference of several dollars per book. Also, many bookstores do not want to order from CreateSpace as it is owned by Amazon. I love Ingramspark for the fact that they charge bulk shopping to Australia and not per item like CS. That is a massive savings. With CS I can put a link to their site and customers buy direct.

With CS I have to order hard copy and then post it! Very recently, with the help of a friend] a small publisher in the US has agreed to publish my first book. I could do with advice from a kindred spirit down under as I live in Adelaide.

My address is below … Thanks and regards … Peter. I agree that international shipping is far better with IngramSpark. As to shipping with CreateSpace, you can ship books directly from there to your customers.

There two more tricks to these two companies. I read that Ingram also uses Amazon as its distributor. But if you posted your print book to CreateSpace first, they wont use Amazon to distribute. That might not be a loss anyway, as like you said, each of these players takes a cut of the Discount. I say its best not to use Ingram for eBook, as Amazon seems to have a very negative view of your dealings with Ingram if you try are selling print and eBook through them and pricing your items above their prices but using steep discounts.

I realize print and eBook are separate groups but linked at Amazon. But I would guess you want to manage print sales globally through Ingram and not get blacklisted by Amazon, as they still are the pound gorilla in the eBook digital space. I really wish everyone would not use abbreviations for those of us who are brand new writers.

Thank you for explaining LS. Now, what is ISBN? And what is an indie author? You made me laugh so hard! Yes, so even a brand new writer, which I assume is also a long-time reader, would know what an ISBN is.

Edward Smith was very kind and patient in explaining what LS means. Greetings from beautiful and very warm Palm Springs, California. I hope you are still responding to comments on this outstanding article. I just want to be absolutely certain I understand your advice. I have a two volume memoir, just back from my editor, and ready for Indie publishing. I wish to sell my printed books through Amazon. I will purchase my own ISBN numbers. I am correct in that understanding?? Yes, as the article explains, use CreateSpace for distribution to Amazon and IngramSpark for all other distribution.

Spent 2 months dealing with the cumbersome under developed Ingram Spark site, only to find out they have no idea if the book will make it to my address. I had to order twice, as the first time they forgot to print the book. The second time they printed it but forgot to get a tracking number, and the book hasnt arrived after 1 month.

Their email support is null, their online chat almost robotic. Luckily I was able to cancel my account and get a refund on the onetime setup fee for my title. I have a question. Thinking of publishing a book through CreateSpace. Does CreateSpace allow me to order books at author price, hundred copies for example, and ask them to ship to somewhere? In this case, there will be no royalty to author? Hello Giacomo I have made orders for delivery to perhaps two hundred different addresses using Createspace.

Thank you so much Giacomo! A job well done for being informative and concise with your article. Dear Giacomo, I appreciate your article very much. I have one question: Is it true that we can not put books on pre-order status on CreateSpace? Wow, this is an amazingly straight foreword annylisis and comparison of both services.

Thanks for the info. Love the charts you presented on the side by side comparisons! Giacomo, thanks for an extremely informative post. My thinking is that even with the fulfillment cost, the lower per unit cost of printing a thousand over POD will help the bottom line. Am I thinking straight? Thanks again for you post.

Are you selling through bookstores, or back of the room sales, or some other way? You can run POD side by side with some of these. But we are just beginners! We want to make a business with our products obviously and if the extended version on Amazon does not give us that much, IS seems to be better in that way, more even considering that for Book stores is more convenient.

Now my main questions. As we are not interested in Kindle, but we also want to sell through Amazon channel, but no through CS the format and design does not fit with CS printing is the POD best option? On the other hand, IS also sells through Amazon, but just in Kindle version right? I mean no physical book for delivery. Thus if we want to sell online through IS how this can be done? Hope this can be understood! Can you tell me what you have found out and what you decided to do?

Jim thank you for your great analysis. One question, if you are still listening… When you say use both CS and Ingram Spark, do you mean for the same book?

Or do you mean use them alternately depending on your goals for a particular book? I have looked through the comments and could not find this question…. Books were high quality and Thomson was a pleasure to work with. My second book will be going to press in the next few months and am considering all my options for that book will also be doing an ebook for my first book. With Amazon Advantage which no one even mentions here I get a higher royalty per book although I do have to pay shipping costs.

My book sales were back-of-room when I spoke and on Amazon. I am trying to figure out what to do with Book 2 and 3 which will follow on its heels? Do I keep Amazon Advantage in the mix? Also my printer Thomson Shor will do the ebook layout for me. I looked at Smashwords but holy heck it looks confusing.

I also have photos in this book…not sure how that impacts layout. My question applies to both, Create Space and Ingram. What assurance does a self published author have that the accounting of books sold and distributed by either company is accurate? More specifically, how does a self published author monitor what books either company has actually sold, especially to bookstores in foreign countries?

Giacomo, This was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time. Unfortunately, I could not make it past their automated system. We my layout professional and I kept getting errors and could not find a solution. I gave up but opened accounts with Lulu and LS. Any thoughts on Lulu? HI Aaron, Lulu is no longer a recommended service.

And if CS is affiliated with amazon, which is where people order books, what else would IS have to offer beyond that? IS does indeed print their own and can distribute your print and ebook everywhere else they are an expensive option for ebook distribution The Ingram catalogue is used by bookstores and other retail outlets beyond Amazon.

Would it be possible for you to write an article regarding how one self-publishes using both CS and IS? I am very confused about how one uses both services simultaneously for the same book.

Or does such an article exist already? I am preparing to self publish my first book—a coloring book for adults. Thank you so much for this article and your help. Janet, we have several posts in the blog archive about using CS and IS simultaneously — here they are: I use CreateSpace for my softcovver and e-versions.

CreateSpace goes through Ingram???? Then libraries could order my book through Spark — and in hardcover, which they often prefer. I sent three emails last week, no response. Tried again to register the book today, no luck. Patricia, which country are you in? There are different numbers for different territories. We find them very responsive and helpful, but have had the odd hiccup when someone tried the wrong phone number for their country.

Thanks for this very informative article! There are two questions I have difficulty finding a clear answer to though: Do you have any further info on this? Any help will be much appreciated! Its been going well distributed by Createspace. I am currently faced with a massive distribution dilemma when it comes to fulfilling my reward copies for my Kickstarter campaign… any hints? I am looking at doing a one off print run with lulu or lightening source. Any other suggestions to get around this time pressured situation?

Thankful to have stumbled across this post! I always use my own ISBNs, but I have read reports of that not helping alleviate the issue of trying to upload to both. Is there any credence to this? I understand not enabling Expanded Distribution with CS is a must, but is there a trick to the order of who to use first? James, congrats on your sales! May I ask how you marketed your book and got it circulating so quickly??

Have a great day. Thanks for this valuable blog post. Regarding the frustration and wait-time people may experience in dealing with LSI and Ingram, I too have gotten peeved. So expect that 3 books out of every may not measure up. Despite my own publishing company? With multiple books and ebooks, marketing, etc. Keeping as much as possible under one umbrella seems one way to do this.

Thank you so much for that thoughtful and informative update. And yes, great call about the psychology of dealing with the IS helpline!

When you buy your own ISBNs, you set the imprint — e. It is technically the same book, just issued through different print processes. Only if the books are different e.

Thanks so much for your response, Debbie. It practically forces me to use CS—their whole point, I suppose. I guess the fine-tuning of the process goes on forever… Thanks for all you do. I like what you guys are up too.

Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. In IngramSpark the staff and managers not only are not doing their job right, but they have extremely rude employees, from Linda who take the calls to Lindsay and Craig their managers are cold, insolent and careless. Never mind try to help. They are not even capable to unpublished a title. Is it page caching or Browser caching?

Many times your hosting company allows you to enable Cloudflare in the cPanel…. Oh my… so much advertising! Why are you doing that? Probably the main reason for this article? I like tutorials and I respect every author who wants to help other people with that — but honestly? Not good, really not good. So unfortunately thumbs down for that — but let me guess: Of course you will delete this comment — wanna bet?

Cloudflare and MaxCDN are both solid services and a lot of people have found this tutorial quite helpful. This is for WP Rocket but same principals apply eg. This tutorial made my site 3 times slower. Before I was using wp — super cache and it had an average of 1. Now it has 3. I need to update the zip file, it will be in my next round of updates — give me a couple days!

There are so many different settings in W3TC that it can be somewhat overwhelming. Saw you have awesome tutorials yourself on CloudFront. I have always used MaxCDN but am interested in dabbling with others. Excellent write up on settings config! Could be happier, this has helped my speed by just the bit it needed to get above a competitor in my search marketing campaign!

Can you turn off cache preload and test it? They have added lots of new feature in the recent version and also MaxCDN made a massive difference. I must say thanks for this help. I successfully applied all settings on my blog. I followed your guide and did everything as mentioned. But when i try to purge all caches, I am getting the following error. Have re authorized also but no luck.

Failed to purge CloudFlare cache: Is there another way to do it, or is this the only way as listed in the link below? Those are the only 2 methods I know. I still get messages to combine external CSS. This is a nice tutorial on using W3 Total Cache. I actually tested the free version and it made a significant improvement on my page speed. Based on my actual experience, WP rocket has only a small advantage in terms of page speed when compared to W3 Total Cache but in my opinion, WP Rocket wins big time in terms of user friendliness.

Yep, WP Rocket is definitely more user-friendly and they do a great job with support, updates, and documentation. I went through with the full setup as shown above. For some reason my site is only loading html and not content from my wp-content folder.

I never had this issue before i went through with the whole w3 setup with CDN and Cloudflare. Maybe its a setting i need to adjust? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am fairly new to this. Very informative post btw. Although i follow your steps my wordpress site is stil in low page speed measured in Gtmetrix. My hosting provider is Bluehost and i use cloudflare. I gine a try again.

You also have some images that need to be resize see the serve scaled image section of GTmetrix, and try to minimize your plugins. And if you want to look at my full WP speed guide , there it is. Let me know if that helps: That was a Great Tutorial. I was personally confused regarding setting up Cloudflare with W3 Total Cache. And after quite a Hustle Finally got it. I am glad you are constantly updating this post. Hi Tom, thanks a lot for such an amazing article.

However, when I do the google page speed test… the scores are quite low. The top most it shows is that images are not optimized. Can you please tell me why my google page speed is saying that images are not optimized? Google Page Speed Insights is actually one of the least reliable speed testing tools, there are many articles that say this, like this one. I would stick to GTmetrix or Pingdom. Page Speed Insights also shows images are not optimized even if they are… this has happened to me too: I used Cloudflare but have the problem with network so much, Origin server with w3 total cache is ok for me.

It loads as expected but there is a problem. I have a portfolio with images that were suppose to load as well. Do you know why they are not showing up on windows they do load on a tablet?

But it should be one of those. Hi Tom, I am amazed! I followed you instructions and within 3 hours of work I get the same result as you. My website was so slow! All the best to you Michel. Really is the perfect combo for many sites! Thank you for taking the time to put this together! Super helpful in configuring Cloudflare with W3C. I though I would take your advice and try out a MaxCDN with a test account, but it looks like they are no longer offering 30 day test accounts.

Instead they pointed me to StackPatch with a 15 day trial offered there. This is by far the best tutorial I have ever seen on setting up W3 Total Cache.

Helped me a lot! Thank you so much. I check Gmetrix, google page speed insights, and pingdom after every option was checked. I had to change 1 option which did not work details below but everything else was great! Page speed 86 Yslow 81 Pingdom: My after score without errors: Gmetrix page speed 98 Yslow 84 Pingdom 91 Google page speed insights 81 desktop.

The appear to be related to autoptmize plugin. However, when I disabled autoptmize, my scores droped on all test and page load times trippled… so Not sure ow to proceed. However, When I check the box to make the errors go away On pingdom I get these errors with google page insights. I want report this project: The aim is to continuously incorporate fixes, improvements, and enhancements over the official WordPress release of W3 Total Cache.

Awesome news about your site speed! Glad it worked for you. I followed your guide without MaxCDN. They do different things and you should get better results with both. Have you tried purging all cache in W3TC or clearing your browser cache? Might also have something to with Cloudflare as it takes up to 72 hours to propagate. I was really worrying about the Yslow issues in Gtmetrix. But you digged out very well and helped me alot in getting things more easier.

Is there a short answer to this question? I have the issued with time to first byte with cloudflare, Now i back to use normal one. But thank you very much. Do i still need to download the plugin and follow your steps or i need to skip it? Thank you for the tutorial!! You can skip it, just make sure your hosting provider turned on minify, aggressive caching, and Railgun. That was really happy to see these kind of stuff in one post. Also the way you explained with the images is really awesome.

I hope everyone may got clear about the cache settings. Thanks for your feedback on the images… I spent a lot of time trying to make them perfect. Hope you got good results. Has anyone tested this combo on Divi Theme? W3 runs well but i am worry about the other 2. I appreciate your effort put all the things together in this post. Also thankful for the Plugin.

I was started a blog recently and I was not good in WordPress. So it was made em to depend on other which is not fair I know. After reading your post I was happy to see the step by step process which inspired me to DIY. One more thing, when I was checking out my speed from GT Metrix, it was showing the multiple numbers in Loading Speed time.

I was confused actually. Could you please help me out that how can I resolve this issue. Thanks for this beautiful step by step guide. Eagerly waiting for your reply. The rest do not have to do with W3 Total Cache. Fixing unoptimized images with Imagify should be easy, but the rest is something you would need to hire a developer for to dig into your site. Awesome tutorials Tom I followed step by step and got results within an hour: So I am hopeful that you can shine some light on why the disparity between the two methods of reporting.

I would read this article but ya, most image problems are related to minification or CDN http: That was an amazing post. I admire how easy you make it seem. Waiting to read more. At last i have configured W3 total cache best.. The images of the post really helped me to find out every thing on W3 total cache.. Thank you very much for the nice post.

Tom, this is insane! I followed your steps from this guide and my website went from a loading time of 3. Felt great about it. I did everything before subscribing to SiteGround. I submitted a request to HostGator my original registrar to transfer the domain to SiteGround, as they told me it would be the best idea. But what happens is that my website went from that 1. Is this a part of the whole moving process or there can be something wrong? Thanks a lot for your guides! I am sure it will work great after all the settings are done.

That is awesome Marcelo! Yes, from my experience there can be a period of slow load times during a hosting transfer — not sure about a domain transfer though. How is it now? SiteGround is much faster than HostGator but keep me updated on the progress. Glad your site is much faster otherwise! It came back from that 4. Right now it is running in 2. The domain is going to be hosted with SiteGround but, for what I understood from your guide, it is going to be pointed to CloudFlare. And if so, why is that?

The guy from SiteGround support told me to point to to them, using their sitenames. What is the deal with this? I should have mentioned this in the tutorial and I will update it, but hosts like SiteGround, Bluehost, and others have an activation option in their cPanel, which besides configuring your CloudFlare settings eg. Awesome news about the load time: I followed the steps in this guide and now my slider revolution sideshows are not being displayed on my site.

Could you tell me what setting I can change to get them back? Firstly — thank you for a great and very helpful tutorial. However — I did run in to some trouble after implementing everything. A bit of background:. My site is hosted with Register http: My guess is that when I changed my name servers from the original Register to those of CloudFlare, SiteLock threw up a red flag?

This is a details article about w3 total cache plugin. I want to use this plugin in my WordPress blog. Thank you for sharing. Thanx lot sir, i have implemented all the w3 total cache plugins and i am seeing improvement on my blog loading speed. Hi, Tom, this is just a phenomenal post; thanks. However, a few items you have overlooked… helping to improve an already massively beneficial post ;.

Unchecked in tutorial but checked as per your imported settings. First off…thank YOU for your help. Would you mind clarifying these for me? Is this what you are referring to or do you actually see completely different settings? Am I missing something? Will have to test the import file on a few other sites.

Reciprocity is much appreciated. Also, I made that Youtube video about 2 weeks before the developer updated the plugin for the first time in years… bad timing, but I will make another one with the new settings. There is quite a lot to digest here. In Step 3 Status Pending , CloudFlare actually also displayed my current name servers, with the following wording;. Current Nameservers Change Nameservers to: Clicking this option provides a warning message;. Are you sure you want to purge CloudFlare the cache?

The tutorial shows them as checked, but your configuration. I had to go and manually check them after I imported your settings. You may want to revisit your settings file. I updated the CloudFlare settings and zip file.

I also tested the zip file on another site of mine and all stats are gone except for CloudFlare… though I would need to rebuild my own CloudFlare caching if I cleared those. I think you will be happy with SiteGround. I remember when I migrated from Bluehost to SiteGround I could tell the difference by clicking through the pages in my nav menu.

OK, let me know when your site is back up and running. The developer just updated the plugin 2 days ago so I need to update this tutorial and I will also update the zip file. Wednesday at the latest. Would you like to update your w3 total cache guide with the newest version of w3 total cache? A lot has changed and most of options are not there anymore as shown in your seencreenshots. Your tips have actually worked for my super slow website. Earlier my score on PageSpeed Insight was around I am thinking of using Cloudflare as well.

I wanted you to ask one question. Here is my wordpress website: I have around visitors per hour. Is it enough to handle the traffic? Or I should consider upgrading? Any help would be appreciable. Hi Tom, First of all Thanks a lot for quick solution of boost up web speed it really works. Are your images still not showing up?

My site is having the same issue, but only with font-awesome. I was using these before but followed your guide to see if it improved, the page score has improved but as the font-awesome icons are now missing, the increase could be down to that. If you have any suggestions? I have also requested guidance from Cloudflare. From my experience the minify is usually what causes issues like this — please let me know whether that works. Great tips, I just enabled all of your recommendations on a test site, and so far so good.

I search a lot of videos to setup W3 Total Cache plugin but mostly peeps misguide… Finally found your site which help me a lot…. Please between WP-Rocket and W3 Total Cache, which of them is the best to use on a celebrity news and gossip blog like http: WP-Rocket is slightly faster but it depends on your theme, plugins, and website. That is really the only way to find out. After having a constant high CPU load issue on a site that gets about K-1M unique hits per month, I have all these products now implemented on a dedicated 16gig, 8 processor, SSD server with APC for all caching except database that is set to memcache… only problem is I am still getting crazy high CPU load.

Database is also optimized at only 15mb. I also only run about 5 top ranked plugins… Any thoughts on how to cure my high CPU load? I have actually struggled with high CPU usage too. Who are you hosted with? SiteGround has a tutorial on reducing executions which basically says you need to identify pages, plugins, etc that have the most executions using Awstats in the cPanel.

Some things you can do are lower the crawl rate in Google Search Console, enable heartbeat control , and block IPs with a ridiculous amount of visits.

But it depends on what the source of the problem is and I also had SiteGround support tweak my WordFence settings which helped too. Thanks for sharing this resource! Adding in the CloudFlare page rules was a nice touch! I just learned everything from this page and set my new website setting as you described, and it started performing very fast and well.. Hi, I followed all the instructions given here; setting up W3 Total Cache plugin and CDN minus Cloudfare , but now all my blog pictures disappeared and also my logo disappeared.

What do I need to do? Thank you for your response! I contacted CDN support and yes, they helped me fix this issue! But thank you for an excellent post!

Speed is increased and so far everything works great! Disqus is not working with W3TC. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Awesome, glad they were able to help! Try enabling pagination in disqus settings so that only 20 comments are loaded initially… that seems to have worked for other people, I read the post here. I have a problem. Now i had remove cloudflare from my website metrotricks. Thank you for this awesome help. I did exactly what you told.

My pagespeed score 96 very good, but yslow score is only What i must do? Hey Tom, I run site call Techbot Inc. But I have some problems with speed up page.

Nice tips for speed up any wordpress blog. I want to know your opinion about WP Super cache. I prefer W3 Total Cache because it has extensive options and has always worked well for me. Great tips to speed up site. I used these settings on my blog and it worked like charm. Cloudflare has made huge difference. Minify via disk is currently disabled http: Anyone know how to fix that? After moving to Cloudflare my visual editor stopped working likewise my wordpress andriod app but my main problem is the visual editor cus I have done everything possible.

Deactivating and activing some plugins e. Please can you help out. I would contact Cloudflare if it happened when moving to them because if it did, they would know more about how their service may effect the visual editor. I am using latest version of WP. Everythings seems to be in order, but when I try to edit or add new post or page, the edit area where you usually put in title, url, and edit text and other settings is missing. Although, when I enter the distraction free option it appears again.

Thanks a lot tom for this amazing post on w3 total cache settings. Every time I install the plugin and get confused in settings but after reading this I think I can do it for all my blogs. Especially the screenshots are very clear so that I can follow them to finish the settings without any mistakes. Awesome Manish, really glad it help you out.

Will take note about the screenshots for future tutorials. Lots of other tutorials now include screenshots so I had to outdo them — basically just by making it even more helpful. Glad it was for you! I would need to know more details… did you change something before your site broke? First of all, awesome tutorial. With your help I set up w3tc with cloudflare and now my site is blazing fast.

The image is blurry from compression. Looks like CloudFlare changed that part of their interface but I updated the tutorial with a non-compressed image been testing some image optimization plugins. Thanks for writing this tutorial on how to setup and decrease a blog load time using W3 total cache.

Although , i have seen many people complain about this plugin that it sometimes conflict with other wordpress plugins. Yes, I have experienced this. But when it works, it usually works very well. Hello,thnx for yours amazing tips,i have problem with defer parsing java script,really i dont know what to do.

I have used so many scripts but with no sucess. My score in gtmetrix. Please Inform That if Enable Object Cache is checked may cause very slow or unaccessible admin panel after some times as happened to me and i have to disable object cache and after that i have no problem with this Great plugin.

Thanks for sharing that, yes the object cache option can often do more harm than good. Like you did, it must be tested to find out. I tried this and somehow it works on my site. I think it has something to do with that and I experienced that before. Let me know if that does not make any different to your site. Thank you for the tutorial. With your settings I got 0. But I wonder, which setting will affect AdSense? Of course, glad it helped with your load time. It could be object cache or minify.

Basically just do some testing…. Excellent article that helped me finish refining my W3 Total Cache settings. Have you heard anything? Have you tried WP Rocket with Genesis themes before?

Thanks for the article. It definitely saved me some time trying to figure out configuring W3 Total cache. Thanks for this W3 Total Settings. After use this My site performance increase and running very well now..

Nice speed progress on my website. After hiring twice someone to do this job without a good result I decided to to it by myself. This would not have been possible without your guidance. Hey Tom, you have written and mentioned everything so beautifully that it worked totally for me in the first try without any difficulty. The images are really helpful and the guidelines given by you were superb. You made my work a lot easier.

I just found the cause. I switched rocket loader in cloudflare off and everything was back to normal. The sliders started showing up again. The first few days, this combination performed great. But now it has deteriorated. After lot of struggling, Finally my website speed improve, Thanks a lot Tom Dupuis for step by step instruction with screen shots. This article really helps me to bridge in the gap. Thanks again for this wonderful post. Just two months old my website going slow down, after all, we improving many things in my WordPress site and we getting something changing in page loading.

But just we setup w3 total cache plugin using your tutorials, Google pagespeed insights show better result better than before. Thanks for your kind words and for sharing your success. Thanks for the great tutorial. You made this undertaking a little bit easier. However, it seems like the site has not increased in speed hardly at all. Does it take time for everything to kick in? I am still seeing load times of at least 15 seconds at pingdom, and Google Page Speed is a 25 on desktop, 39 mobile.

Yes it can take time 48 hours max to propagate. You can refer to this article for a full list but here are some of the major ones: Thanks for getting back to me. I actually am in the process of resizing all of my images with Imsanity after realizing that my images are x the size that they need to be , but have discovered a WordPress bug that has somewhat sidelined me.

Usually when composing a post, I can add an image, then click on the image, click the icon to edit picture, and then add alt tags, caption, change the orientation, whatever. That icon and the one to delete the picture has vanished. The picture simply outlines. I never realized how much I use that, or how helpful it is, until it was gone. Have you ever run into this? Any ideas how I can fix it?

I have tried deactivating the two photo plugins and tried adding new media to the library and into a post, but no luck. Do I have it set up incorrectly?