NutriSystem Day 21: Tired, Hungry, Not Much Lighter

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Why am I so hungry on Medifast?
You might have some non fat milk with the nutrisystem cereal. Despite this week's struggles, there was a success this morning when I was able to tighten my belt by one notch. This past weekend started off great. We love to eat out on the weekends, and I know this Restaurant Guide is going to help me a lot. I am so happy with it that I am encouraging all of my friends to try it. This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 8th, at 2:

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After perusing NutriSystem's online forums, I found that many of the other dieters also say that their energy and hunger come and go. Despite this week's struggles, there was a success this morning when I was able to tighten my belt by one notch. That's at least an inch off my waist. I've had the belt for about a year and a half and have always used it on the final notch sometimes barely.

I was somewhat disappointed to see that I only lost one pound in the last week to While it's great that I'm in the s a feat I haven't accomplished since college -- it's a huge drop from the four or more pounds I lost the previous two weeks. While I suspected the initial weight would burn off easier, I fantasized that I could continue to lose weight at that pace. Next week I intend to share video of some of the stranger foods in the NutriSystem diet and on Thursday, I will check in with Dr.

Henry Fishman on my final day eating NutriSystem. I figured if I spent the money for the food, maybe I would actually stick to the plan and lose some weight. Maybe I can get a sandwich at a restaurant next week! My pants even feel a little loose! This eating plan is so easy that I barely think about it. I can see this becoming a normal way of eating for me. Hopefully Nutrisystem is the answer to my weight loss problems.

I am so happy with it that I am encouraging all of my friends to try it. After my three months of sticking to their regimen strictly, I have lost 21 pounds.

It is working so well. I love the way the food tastes. Pasta, chocolate, muffins, mashed potatoes! You name it, I can eat it! The choices are amazing. Every entrée tastes so different that I never get sick of eating the same thing. The Red Beans and Rice with Sausage is so good! The chocolate choices are outstanding as well. The peppermint cookie patty is to die for! I also love that I can still go out to eat and stay on the plan. The Restaurant Guide keeps me on track for my weight loss goals without having to miss out of the social aspect of going out to eat with my friends.

Nutrisystem is my long-term solution for losing weight. I have struggled for so long to lose weight after having three kids. One of my greatest struggles is snacking with my kids.

They love the cookies and the chips and the goldfish, and it is so easy for me to just grab handfuls of their snacks while I am sitting around talking to them. All this snacking has been keeping me from losing weight. When they eat their cheese puffs, I can get my Nutrisystem Cheese Puffs out. When they eat a brownie, I can eat my Nutrisystem Fudge Brownie.

When they get a candy bar, I can eat a Nutrisystem candy bar. It is so freeing! Losing weight has never been so much fun. So far, after six months on Nutrisystem, I have lost 20 pounds. I am so happy. I am now confident enough to add in exercise and I know that will increase the rate at which I am losing weight.

My sisters and I are really close. There are four of us. All of us love to eat, we love to eat together, and we are all obese. For Christmas, we decided to invest in our bodies instead of on Christmas gifts for one another. Let me tell you, the results are stunning. In the first 28 days, all of us have lost at least five pounds.

One of my sisters lost eight pounds, but that is because she started walking three days a week. Since we are doing it together it is working really well.

None of us have jumped the weight loss ship. The food tastes incredible, which is what I like most about it. I can see how Nutrisystem could really help me with portion control and teach me good eating habits for years to come. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I love to sink my teeth into a big bagel or English muffin in the morning.

I also love cereal. But, I know I need to lose weight, which is why I decided to try Nutrisystem. Not one to want to spend much time in the kitchen, this plan seemed to be the most practical one for me.

I do not like the taste of the cereal at all. It is hard to describe. I kind of think it tastes like cardboard. The desserts are helping me to stick to the plan, I think.

If I know I have a dessert to look forward to, I am less likely to eat when I should have stopped. The Chocolate Cake is really awesome. We looked at all of the weight loss plans out there, and Nutrisystem seemed like the best way to go for us. No meetings, no point counting, no weigh-ins, and flexibility in exercise are the parts of the plan that appealed to us.

My husband is an extremely picky eater, and he absolutely adores this food. Eating the Nutrisystem prepared food has given me my evenings back. While I love the taste of the food, it is the convenience that is so appealing to me.

I heard from someone who said: Would it be permissible for me to have a protein shake at around noon time to tide myself over until lunch?

My office has a vending machine that actually has protein shakes in it. Nutrisystem plans are set up so that you eat three main meals per day breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus two snacks and a dessert. So eating healthful snacks in between meals is not cheating.

Most people find it easier to just use the nutrisystem snacks that are provided, but as long as you are able to find foods that are comparable in terms of calories, carbs, proteins and sugar, you can supply your own. It can be difficult to find foods that are in compliance, but some dieters are able to accomplish this.

When you take all of this into account, you actually have several opportunities to eat each day and you will probably find yourself eating quite regularly.

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