7 Ways To Upcycle Styrofoam Coolers

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Until recently it was a 3 month supply in a big cooler. These are just to name a few we have had very good luck with, re-purposing molded EPS coolers. If your needs fall into this category, please let us know reusepshelp foamfabricatorsinc. One option is reuse. Results vary, but give these plans a try to lose weight, improve your health, and have more energy.

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Do you know what fills many bean bag chairs and doll bodies? What makes light weight cement and concrete blocks, light? How about plastic decorative wood-like trim? These are just some of the other "permanent second life" uses of molded foam packaging that we support.

If you have other packaging recycling needs or need help with this program, just email us at reusepshelp foamfabricatorsinc. EPS-IA same as above.

See this website for more free recycling options. LCA bar graph one page overview. Whould you like more information about recycling, EPS or our company? Just scroll back to the top of this page and choose any topic on the left hand side. Do you want to subscribe to our newsletter? EPS and the Environment. Life Cycle Analysis overview. EPS Effects on the Enviornment.

Recycling rates - update. EPS or molded pulp? It's a Good Idea to: Seek truth over opinions. Think critically about any issue. Be open minded and follow the facts where they lead. Before we proceed, here are some answers to some common questions If you happen to be near one of our plants, just bring the foam in. Most packaging will fit in one of these.

Break the packaging up to make sure it fits in the smallest sized box. Big community funding update! Rcycling or Disposal of styrofoam coolers?

February 15, Until recently it was a 3 month supply in a big cooler. Due to new medical they now ship me my meds once a month in a cute Styrofoam cooler.

I have about 8 of them. I'm not an environmentalist nut, but I try to recycle to the best of my ability. When I got the big cooler with the 3 month supply I just put it in the lobby of my apartment with a sign that said "free cooler" but now I'm getting tiny ones monthly.

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