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Get the free knitting pattern See more Shawlette Knitting Patterns. Terry is a knitting late-bloomer, learning to knit as an adult from Internet tutorials, because she wanted a craft that was useful, fun, and portable. What you will need:. Lace scarf of knit leaves. This long sleeved pullover features leaf lace on the yoke. Unless noted, all are red copper with some degree of green patination; many have been lightly wire brushed to remove heavy soil and flaky or powdery green. Cozy little mitts with a beautiful embossed oak leaf.

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Make a knot on each side. Now, braid each side. You can make a 6-strand braid if you want, but to keep things simple I just make a regular braid with 2 cords in each strand.

When you get to the end, trim your ends off evenly, add a little bit of jewelry glue to your end cap, and glue it on to secure your braid.

Twist the end caps around to fully coat your twine. Do the same thing on each side — you may want to check the length against your wrist before finishing off the ends. Beautiful and simple — my kind of DIY: Thank you, Adrianne for sharing your tutorial. All proceeds are donated to end violence against women.

Love how simple this is to create! I think my daughter and I will have to try this together…real soon! Ummm…this may sound really stupid, and I am probably missing something really obvious, but when I make this using your suggested lengths, my bracelet closure is on the top of my wrist right next to the silver ring.

What the heck am I doing wrong? Love, love, love…cute and perfect for spring and summer. Thank you very much for all the pics: Cant wait to make several for birthday and holiday gifts: This might be a stupid question, but…when you put this on, it should wrap around the wrist several times and then clasp, right?

Adrianne, Where do I find the ring connector you use in this tutorial? Or any other similar items like that? If you are looking for the clasp, I get them here: If you are talking about the focal ring, there should be lots of similar things out there. I think this one came from Hobby Lobby. I was looking for something like this. How do I get on your site to get more projects like this? Just wondering if you used wax coated twine. Going to buy supplies, and I want to make sure I get the correct kind.

I will be whipping some up this […]. All right, if you read here regularly, then you probably remember the woven wrap bracelet from earlier this month. Easy Woven Wrap Bracelet. Grapevine Earrings — Happy Hour Projects. Your email address will not be published. What you will need: Designed by Vickie Hartog.

Shoulder cozy knit with leaf lace. Knit flat and seamed. Designed by Nazanin S. This pattern was featured in Season 8 of Knit and Crochet Now! Poncho featuring leaf lace vines and lace rib is knit flat in two panels and seamed. This sleeveless pullover features an 8 row repeat twining leaf stitch with another 8 row repeat lace hem on front and back. Designed by King Cole. Inspired by the character of Dr. Designed by Liz Abinante. This cuff with lace can also be adapted to trim socks, fingerless mitts, etc.

Designed by Monique Boonstra. Designed by Tamara Moots. Pictured project by jacquain who said the project took 4 hours. The leaf lacy motif reflects the name Vite grapevine in Italian. Sizes 30, 34, 38, This flattering sleeveless tank top is knit flat in two pieces and features overlapping construction and a leaf lace border.

Designed by Julie Turjoman. Designed by Michael del Vecchio for Universal Yarns, this vest features a leaf lace border. Knit with 2 strands of DK yarn held together. Approx 48 x 60 inches. Pullover poncho with easy dolman-style sleeves, funnel neck, and leaf lace panel. Designed by Berroco Design Team.

This shoulder cozy is a quick knit and features leaf motifs and dropped stitch cables. Pictured cowl knit with one skein of worsted weight yarn. Designed by Grace McEwen. The versatile Ruffle pattern can be knit as a scarf, shawl, and cowl. Edged with lace leaves, the wrap also features a leaf that fits through a slit in the wrap to hold it in place.

A double leaf lace border frames garter stitch in this elegant scarf. Designed by Annie Modesitt. Pictured project by solaris. Top down shawl with garter stitch body with a leaf stitch lace border. Designed by Jen Lucas. Cozy little mitts with a beautiful embossed oak leaf. Instructions are included for both a fingerless glove and fingerless mitten version. Drop stitches and a lace make this a uniquely exquisite scarf. You can knit in any weight of yarn. Worked top down in stockinette shaped with short-rows, the Beech Leaf Shawl features a wide, scarflike shape and a leaf-inspired lace edging.

Designed by Joan Forgione. This long sleeved pullover features leaf lace on the yoke. This kerchief with ties features a leaf lace pattern. This matching hat and neckwarmer feature a twin leaf lace pattern. Designed by Rosemary Romi Hill. Get the knitting pattern at Etsy. Leaf clutch created by knitting two panels and sewing them together.

Add a purse frame and lining to give your clutch a finished look. Terry is a knitting late-bloomer, learning to knit as an adult from Internet tutorials, because she wanted a craft that was useful, fun, and portable. Knitting hats for cancer patients inspired her to design her own patterns—available for free at her blog, intheloopknitting. Terry met her husband Ken at a science fiction convention and moved to the Kansas City area to be with him more than 30 years ago.

Terry supports her yarn stash by creating websites and other digital media. Terry firmly believes in Knitting in Public—it's a great conversation starter! Learn about the latest pattern collection pages on my site with this free email newsletter. Sent when I have time, usually every 2 weeks.

View a sample newsletter. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. You must be logged in to post a comment. Equinox Cowl Neckwarmer knit with leaf lace with berry buttons.

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