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The Mechanics of a Deep Net Metasearch Engine
Go to mobile site. Personally I think Ecosia is a superior search engine. You can continue to be physically active well into your golden years. Retrieves content from the Turbo Filter results by language, date, or domain. Unless I'm mistaken this page , hit 3 on a googling for the word , tells you what McMamme is, bonaldi

Sep 12th, 2018

10 Popular Sites Like Turbo10

Here is a selection of search engine names plotted in a competitive namescape grid, ranked by relative value from 0 worst to 5 best. See below for a detailed explanation. The five levels of the vertical axis represent the relative value of a given name, ranked from a low of 0 value to a max of 5.

The Value ranking is of course subjective, but it is derived from factors such as how engaging a name is with its target audience; how many layers of meaning, story, myth, metaphor, imagery the name has; associations, imagery, multiple layers; how memorable the name is; and how differentiated from the competition the name is. Descriptive names are purely descriptive of what a company or product does or its function. They might also take the form of an acronym or the names of the company founders.

This category of names includes the purely invented, the morphemic mash-up, and foreign words that are not widely known to English speakers.

At their best, Invented names can be poetic, rhythmic and ripe for investing with the soul of a brand think Google. These are names that map to the experience of using a product or service, or to what a company does, or to an aspect of human experience. This category also includes all the generic adjective-based names, such as Advanced, Superior, Vantage, Smart, Super, Ultra, Mega, etc.

Experiential names are usually literal, and are the types of names often created by cross-referencing a vision statement with a thesaurus. On second thought, I'd rather say that Turbo10 is flat Sprite with globs of snot floating in it. The thing is, if you have a clear idea of what you're looking for, you can already get the results you want on the first page of Google by using logical operators and quotes.

Why navigate through "clusters" to find them? UI issues aside though, I can see how searching deep-linked pages and databases would be useful for more in-depth research, which can take some work on Google. Well, I just tried to find out what McMamme I'm on fact-checking today was via google. It told me nothing. Bored, I came here, read about Turbo10 and tried it. Hello, hit 7, an explanation. So yes, it looks like a hideous pile of dog crap designed by a college lecturer using Microsoft software, but hey Unless I'm mistaken this page , hit 3 on a googling for the word , tells you what McMamme is, bonaldi Hey, you're right Stavros.

I would have sworn blind that link wasn't there earlier. Perhaps google's bloated spiders have become selfaware, noticed my MeFi post and hastily corrected the error. Self-aware google, how scary? Bet it sniggers at us, all the time.

I will not kill you. Doesn't work in Safari. If they can't learn browser-independant HTML, then they can't make anyone their beey-atch. This doesn't seem like anything special to me. In fact, while for some search requests it worked as well as google for others it failed miserably. Also, it's not revolutionary.

It uses other search engines to do it's work and concatenates it's results. The revolutionary bit is that it's supposed to do it seamlessly. There was another search engine that did that in the 90's, I don't know if it's still around and I don't remember the name. I think the single most impressive thing about google to me is it's "don't be evil" policy, and that doesn't even help with search results in any way.

Doesn't seem to work very well at all, certainly not well enough to warrant the use of the phrase "make Google its bitch. Sites full of nothing but links and popups, stuff in French and Portuguese for no particularly good reason, etc. I doubt a search engine can ever be implemented using this dogpile technique and provide a usuable result which is better, qualitatively, than the results of any one of the individual search engines alone. These things just keep popping up, and no one uses them, and we move on.

Oh, and that Register article? I don't get the hype that has to surround everything on the internet. It's like the Register just threw the URL at some staff writer and asked him to gush all over this engine until he passed out. If Turbo10 what a terrible name had the mettle to compete with Google there would be no need for articles like this; we would all simply use it because it would be the better solution.

For those of you who get a blank page: You have to press the 'search' button again in the left-hand frame before it will bring up any results. A search for "google" on turbo I'm not sure that's a valid benchmark, or whatever, but come on.

The Register has had a bone to pick with Google for the last new months, not quite sure why. Probably just annoyed at the fawning it gets from bloggers among others. Turbo10 isn't replacing my home page any time soon, but at least they've got new ideas, so it's good to have them around. Looks like something cobbled together in that somebody forgot to turn off, and works like something that somebody forgot to turn on. Dakotadusk, I think you summed up Turbo10 quite nicely.